Apple’s new iPhone went on sale today around the country. I stopped in at the Apple store in the Cherry Creek Mall around 12:45 pm. There were over 100 people in line. Those just getting in the store had been in line since 8:30 am. They weren’t giving out numbers (so I could get a number, go to the jail to see a client and return afterwards) so I left. They did say they had plenty and would not run out. On my way back from the jail around 3:30 pm, I stopped at the AT&T store on 2nd and Milwaukee. There was no line. They also had no more iPhones. They were expecting 70 more tomorrow. 70? That’s a joke. I ended up ordering and paying for a 16 GB iPhone at AT&T and they said it will be here in 7 days. We’ll see. I won’t be surprised to be told it’s backordered. If that happens, I’ll demand a refund and go buy it from the Apple store which I doubt will still have lines. Apparently, lines weren’t the only problem with getting an iPhone today. So, did any of you get one today? Is it all it’s cracked up to be? The AT&T folks told me it doesn’t have a video player in it. The only videos you can watch are those you download from iTunes and those on You Tube.