When Kathy Adams didn’t return calls to her family earlier this month, they asked authorities to check on her Fort Collins home to make sure she was all right. But Adams, known for her work as “Psychic Kay,” was missing. And so was her common-law husband of two decades, John Marks Jr., along with their car. About two weeks ago, the car was found abandoned in Longmont, notes The Denver Post . And yesterday, Adams’ body was found in a ravine near Estes Park.

After examining her fatal blunt-force injuries, a coroner has concluded Adams was murdered, reports 9News.

Now, investigators are looking for Marks, who had an “often tumultuous relationship” with Adams, writes the Fort Collins Coloradoan. Larimer County officials don’t suspect Marks has been harmed. Rather, local sheriff’s major Justin Smith apparently believes Marks is alive and perhaps is on the run. He obviously “is someone we need to talk to,” Smith says.