Actor/director Mel Gibson has little patience for those who criticize the personal failings of Tiger Woods. “I feel sorry for Tiger Woods,” Gibson tells Britain’s Daily Mail.

But here in Colorado, at least one anonymous artist is more sympathetic to Woods’ wife in the wake of the golfer’s mistress scandals. As a result, the feds are investigating the appearance of “unfaithful” labels featuring Woods and his wife on roughly 1,000 bottles of Gatorade that somehow made it onto Denver-area store shelves.

9News tracked an e-mail concealed in the label’s small print to Jason Kay of Longmont, who then admitted to helping a friend pull off the “pop art” stunt.

“He doesn’t want to be contacted,” Kay says. “The artist wants to remain anonymous because there are similar future projects in the works.” The stunt was “very expensive,” he adds, declining to discuss how the deed was carried out. “I used my connections.”

Westword thinks Andy Warhol would be proud.