Governor Bill Ritter selected former Denver Public Schools czar Michael Bennet, a man with no political experience, to replace outgoing U.S. Senator Ken Salazar. Would you have done the same?

State lawmaker Mike Kopp (pictured) wants to know. He plans to introduce a bill this week that would strip the governor of Senate-appointment power, requiring voters to decide instead, according to the Rocky Mountain News. Kopp, a Republican, says his motivations aren’t political, but rather a reaction to the recent scandals over gubernatorial appointments elsewhere, such as the one in Illinois centering on President Barack Obama’s former seat.

Ritter, meanwhile, wasted no time yesterday upon returning from Obama’s inauguration, signing paperwork at Denver International Airport that gives Bennet the job, according to 9News.

Bennet, who at 44 is the youngest member of the Senate, seems to be getting his druthers–and a few dings, too–according to the Colorado Springs Gazette. Bennet is expected to be confirmed today.