About 17,000 grocery workers in the Denver area have rejected, via the United Food and Commercial Workers Union, contract offers from Safeway and King Soopers that would freeze salaries and cut benefits for the lowest-paid workers, as a potential strike looms later this week. A union attorney says the stores don’t seem serious about sharing growing profits with workers, reports the Denver Business Journal, which adds that the union has filed a handful of grievances with federal labor monitors, alleging, among other charges, that King Soopers and Safeway have advertised for replacement workers at higher rates than are currently paid to some workers. Unemployed workers lined up at supermarkets on Monday, including 50-year-old Jeff Grossmeyer, who has a degree in psychology, hoping for a job should there be a strike, writes The Denver Post. The story is the same in Colorado Springs, the Gazette reports. Unemployed workers say they aren’t too concerned about the possibility of having to cross picket lines.