When Dan Maes isn’t being lambasted for singling out Denver’s bicycle-sharing program as an example of the sort of thing that threatens U.S. sovereignty, he seems to generate controversial headlines elsewhere.

Salon features Maes in its This Week in Crazy section, which paints a not-so-flattering picture of the Republican’s campaign for governor.

The Denver Post, meanwhile, highlights yet another question about how Maes manages his campaign finances. One former backer says she gave Maes “more than $300” because he was behind on paying his mortgage. Maes responds on a KHOW radio show, saying he “didn’t remember” how the contribution was used (via the Post).

Maes is nevertheless pushing ahead. He spent the weekend looking at potential running mates, while rumors swirl that the state GOP wants to replace him, according to CBS4.

“Let’s make it clear; I’m not going anywhere,” Maes reiterates.

After defeating former Congressman Scott McInnis in the primary, and despite reports to the contrary, Maes does have some appeal within his party.

“In some ways, Maes sort of personifies all this voter anger and going for something really out of the box,” Jennifer Duffy, senior editor of the election-watching Cook Political Report, tells the Post, in a separate article. “At the same time, he’s created a situation where it will be really hard for Republicans to win this race.”