For many Denver residents, the police are a beacon of safety and honor. For others, though, the Denver police are brutes to be avoided at all costs. Just ask any of the five men who say they were wrongly beaten by officers and then filed lawsuits. About four dozen people marched to the Webb Municipal Building at West Colfax Avenue and Bannock Street yesterday morning, where the district attorney’s office is located, to demand some policing of the police, writes The Denver Post. The demonstrators claim Denver police misuse their power, assaulting people they don’t like, particularly minorities, then saddle the victims with serious charges, such as assaulting an officer, which could lead to time in prison. “The police and the DA call it being proactive in the communities of color. We call it racial profiling,” says lawyer Art Way, adding that the DA tends to rely solely on what police write in their reports when determining what happened in incidents that lead to criminal charges. The protest, organized by the Colorado Progressive Coalition, was in support of the five men who filed lawsuits against Denver police. A spokesman for the police, Sonny Jackson, has declined to discuss the pending litigation and says all complaints of police abuse are reviewed by an internal affairs bureau.