About 100 immigration-reform advocates marched from the state Capitol building to the federal courts downtown yesterday, calling for changes in the country’s immigration laws. Fourteen of them ran afoul of other laws after kneeling down in the road and refusing to move, reports The Associated Press. Officers used blue plastic handcuffs on the activists and ticketed them for misdemeanor blocking of a roadway, taking them to jail. Some of the participants held signs protesting the new immigration law in Arizona, while others challenged President Barack Obama’s policies. Marizon Guadrama of Denver told KUNC radio, “I’m holding a sign that says ‘Obama keep a promise.’ He had promised to bring a reform program within the first year he was president, and he has not kept that promise for us.” Meanwhile, in a meeting of the U.S. Conference of Mayors in Oklahoma City, the nation’s mayors officially voiced their opposition to Arizona’s immigration law in a pair of resolutions that condemn the policy and urge reform, according to Fox News.