Late last month, investigators found a car that once belonged to Aaron Thompson’s family—possibly important evidence in the disappearance and alleged death of little Aarone Thompson, for which Thompson is on trial. Investigators waited until September 9, however, to notify the defense of their discovery, just after Thompson’s defense rested its case, according to The Denver Post. In criminal law that’s a no-no. Ideally the state doesn’t want to withhold information that could free someone who is innocent. As Judge Valeria Spencer noted in a reprimand of prosecutors, “It has left the community in an uproar about whether justice would be served in this case.” She then allowed the defense to reopen its case, leaving prosecutors Bob Chappell and Amy Richards claiming, respectively, that it simply didn’t occur to them to mention that investigators found that car and that not saying anything to defense attorneys was a one-time mistake. On Monday, testimony focused on what was and was not found inside the car—nothing spectacular—before the defense rested again, reports 9News. Closing arguments are expected to begin this morning, and the jury could start deliberating the case as early as this afternoon.