schultheis-daveA 2006 law meant to sweep up suspected undocumented immigrants isn’t working because Colorado’s police agencies don’t have the resources to enforce that law and other laws, state auditors concluded Monday. Although the report left many questions unanswered in the ongoing immigration controversy, it found local police reports to Immigrations and Customs Enforcement officials are up by nearly 69 percent since 2006. Auditors were unable to determine whether more people were deported, however, because ICE did not respond to their queries for information, according to The Denver Post. State Senator Dave Schultheis, a Colorado Springs Republican and ardent anti-immigrant backer, argues that some cities in Colorado are failing to enforce laws and creating safe havens for illegal immigration, writes The Associated Press. But there is no evidence to support that view, according to auditors, who point out that Weld County made 2,741 reports to ICE agents in 2007; Aurora made 2,532; and Denver 2,088. The issue came home in Fruita on the Western Slope last week, when police intercepted a van with 18 alleged undocumented immigrants inside (via the Grand Junction Sentinel). On the other side of the issue, several churches in Colorado Springs gathered at Our Lady of Guadalupe to pray for immigration reform on Sunday, writes News 5/30.