President Barack Obama has plenty going on in this home stretch for health-care reform, but Colorado Governor Bill Ritter is nevertheless calling out Obama on something of grave importance: his predictions for the 2010 NCAA basketball tournament. Obama filled out his men’s and women’s brackets earlier this week, and Ritter felt the need to defend…Gonzaga?

Yes, Gonzaga, of Spokane, Washington.

“While I have been a staunch supporter of our country’s president, today I am saddened to say we no longer see eye to eye—at least not on his decision to pick Florida State over Gonzaga in the first round of the tournament,” Ritter says (via Westword).

Ritter has called for Obama to push a Congressional investigation “into the extremely low seeding,” and Ritter issued his own executive order creating the Bill Ritter Blue Ribbon Panel to examine where the selection committee went wrong.

The Denver Post blogs that the governor’s tongue-in-cheek chiding of Obama is personal: One of Ritter’s sons, Abe, attends Gonzaga. The governor also bases his diatribe on the fact that Gonzaga’s Matt Bouldin attended Thunder Ridge High School, where he was named the Colorado state player of the year as a junior and senior. Bouldin was also named to the John R. Wooden All-American Team and is a finalist for the Lowe’s Senior Class Award this year.

“Gonzaga is led this year by one of the best basketball players our state has produced in a long, long time,” Ritter says in his statement. “His pass-first mentality and leadership abilities have Gonzaga looking to make a deep run in this year’s tournament.” No word yet from the White House on the matter.