Brad Dechter, who received a graphic design degree from the Art Institute of Colorado, is struggling. Eight months after graduating, he’s making just $500 a month freelancing for bands as he scours Craigslist for job openings in marketing and design agencies and borrows money from friends. “I’ve pretty much given up on trying to find my dream job,” Dechter tells The Wall Street Journal, which quotes the Art Institute’s director of career services, who acknowledges that many graduates are having trouble finding good jobs these days. Even worse for these graduates, because this is the toughest labor market in a generation, they’ll likely suffer lower wages for years to come compared with peers who graduated in better times. The University of Colorado awarded more than 5,200 degrees on Friday, and graduates there are bracing for the worst, writes Boulder’s Daily Camera. Some students are anxious because as they leave classes, they’ll also be losing their university health insurance, as the Colorado Daily reports. Even high school grads are scaling back their ambitions, as out-of-state tuition becomes increasingly expensive, writes the Grand Junction Sentinel.