perlmutter-edThis week, there are 789 fewer Chrysler dealers around the nation, writes The Associated Press, after the company dumped its contracts with dealerships as it reels in bankruptcy–forcing people who own Chryslers to drive farther–in some cases really far–for repairs and oil changes. And with General Motors set to close hundreds of dealerships by the end of next year, U.S. Representative Ed Perlmutter is calling for congressional hearings.

The Democrat from Golden has implored Congress to explore how the automakers, which received federal bailout money, decided which dealers would get the boot, according to the Denver Business Journal.

“Hearing from the companies, dealers and other affected parties will help bring to light the areas where the path forward can be improved and provide an essential dialogue to ensure the restructuring of these companies is done in the best manner for our nation and the taxpayers,” Perlmutter wrote.

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