More than one-third of Denver residents consider their stress “extreme.” Eighty percent say their work is stressing them out, and 53 percent are worried about their job stability, according to a report by the American Psychological Association. It turns out Denver has more stress than the national average in all of the aforementioned categories (via The Denver Post).

The findings surprise Doctor Stephanie Smith, public education coordinator for the Colorado Psychological Association: “I always thought we were a laid-back city.”

They probably don’t surprise Princess Cruises, which commissioned a survey that turned up similar results recently, albeit without the scientific standards.

Westword takes the bad news with a dose of humor, offering up some ideas about why 10 other cities might be more stressed out than Cow Town, such as Chicago, which has a “creeping feeling that Jay Cutler isn’t all he’s cracked up to be.”

Meanwhile, CBS4 medical editor Dr. Dave Hnida points to some advice for the stressed masses, including listening to music 20 minutes a day and, you guessed it, eating healthy and exercising.