787_topshot_580 Boeing’s 787 Dreamliner, which is still months away from hitting the market, would be perfectly suited to help Denver with Asian countries, says Tom Clark, president of the Metro Denver Economic Development Corporation and the Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce. Boeing, Clark tells the Denver Business Journal, was thinking of mid-sized cities when it designed the 285-passenger aircraft, a smaller and more efficient alternative to Boeing’s giant 747s, which accommodate approximately 400 people. The 787, then, could be just what’s needed to bring United Airlines and All Nippon Airways together to make Denver International Airport a hub. That’s because the market for daily service from DIA to Tokyo is about 280 passengers, most of them originating from Japan. The 787 took a maiden test flight over Washington state earlier this week with no glitches, according to MSNBC. The Seattle Post-Intelligencer has a long list of reasons why “even non-aviation nerds” would care about the Dreamliner, including lower fuel consumption and pollution. Meanwhile, Southwest Airlines has announced that in May it will add nine daily flights and a Saturday flight from Denver, as well as another 15 daily flights in August (via The Denver Post).