Because of Perez Hilton’s ranting, and despite sexy pictures released by a Hollywood blog, Focus on the Family backed Miss California Carrie Prejean–a.k.a. almost-Miss USA–in a full-page ad worth $120,000 that appeared in USA Today on Tuesday.

Prejean was the first runner-up in April’s Miss USA pageant who opined that marriage should only be allowed between a man and a woman–a stance that the conservative evangelical Focus on the Family, based in Colorado Springs, believes cost Prejean the title (via the Gazette).

Focus asked supporters to contact Donald Trump, a co-owner of the pageant, to urge that Prejean be allowed to keep her Miss California crown after an apparent violation of her contract for appearing nearly nude in lingerie ads as a 17-year-old model (the photo was recently posted by

But Trump was already sweeping the matter away yesterday at Trump Plaza in New York City. He announced that Prejean can keep the California title, stating that although some pictures were “risque,” they weren’t overboard.

Prejean spoke on Focus patriarch James Dobson’s radio show Monday and Tuesday, saying that when Hilton, a Miss USA judge, asked her about gay marriage, she felt she was being tempted by Satan. “I knew right then that it wasn’t about winning,” Prejean says. “It was about being true to my convictions.”