Few have escaped the headache of turtle-paced movement along congested I-70 between the mountains and Denver, particularly at times like this past Memorial Day weekend. If you have ever wondered whether the governor knows how bad it is, he’s been in brake-screeching mode with the rest of the drivers before. “I’ve had a couple experiences coming back to town where you know, we had four, five hours of wait time,” Governor Bill Ritter tells 9News. Ritter says the situation has to change, and while there’s pretty much universal agreement on that point, deciding exactly what to do and finding the money to do it remain challenging. Among possible solutions: widen areas where traffic gets clogged and perhaps bring rail through mountain tunnels. Last week, Ritter signed five bills in Summit County, including one meant to address weekend ski traffic congestion, according to Fox 31. Under the law, state transportation experts are studying the feasibility of installing “zipper lanes” on a 15-mile stretch of the interstate between Floyd Hill and Georgetown. The plan would add an additional lane to accommodate high-traffic flow by taking one lane away from the side with less traffic.