Pakistan has released Highlands Ranch CIA contractor Raymond Davis, with the families of Raymond’s two alleged shooting victims, as well as a third man struck by a vehicle carrying CIA personnel responding to Davis’ predicament, each set to receive hundreds of thousands of dollars in so-called “blood money” (Boston Globe). While the families are thanked by U.S. officials in a statement, there is no reference to the $2.3 million paid to apparently gain their cooperation in an investigation (Associated Press). But the pardon has spawned anti-American feelings and protests, including threats of suicide from the wife of a victim (Slate).

Back in Highlands Ranch, Davis’ 44-year-old wife, Rebecca, is described in a separate AP article as upbeat, saying she believes her husband’s version of the events: “If he says self-defense, I believe self-defense,” adding, “My husband is not a killer. He’s not Rambo…. One thing my husband is, he’s a soldier. Country first. Well, God first, and then country.” She says she does not know when her husband will return to Colorado.