As 9News reports:

A judge granted a temporary injunction in favor of homeless advocates in a lawsuit against the Department of Motor Vehicles regarding the ‘two document rule’ imposed this year. The class action lawsuit was filed on behalf of a plaintiff class and the Colorado Coalition for the Homeless by volunteer attorneys from several Denver law firms.

In early November, they alleged the “two document rule” was both illegal and unconstitutional. Additionally, they say the new rule made it harder for US citizens to get drivers licenses. The new rules were intended to stop illegal immigrants from getting licenses or ID cards. They require people show two forms of ID.

The law said a passport must be accompanied by another document, like a marriage license. Driver’s licenses or ID cards issues by other states did not count as a second form of ID when used with a passport. Judge Larry Naves granted a temporary injunction barring provisions of the law saying it discriminated against the homeless.

I don’t really like this law, either, because I don’t know where I keep documents like my marriage license. But when Judge Naves says the injuction is necessary because the law discriminates against the homeless, I have a bigger question: If you’re homeless, what do you put down for an address on your driver’s license?