beckner-markIf you’re in Boulder on Halloween and participate in the Naked Pumpkin Run, you could end up on the state’s sex-offender registry. Never mind that most people will applaud you as the wind whistles between your legs. Unfair as it is to lump spontaneous nudists in with creepy molesters, the same stigma could apply to participants in the city’s World Naked Bike Ride. Boulder police chief Mark Beckner doesn’t consider the runners or riders sex criminals and says he wants to see the naked pranksters, who would be charged under Colorado’s indecent-exposure law, treated less harshly, writes the Daily Camera. So the city may craft an ordinance that will address streaking and related activities as a lesser offense. But don’t strip down just yet. A new ordinance is unlikely to be in place before this Halloween, when Beckner says his officers will be out en force to ensnare nude runners and even arrest them. Last year, a dozen naked runners received citations for indecent exposure, but none were convicted of that offense; many were lucky enough to see the charges dropped. Meanwhile, the Camera also reports that 19-year-old Mason Lacy will be suspended next semester from the University of Colorado, but won’t face indecent-exposure charges, for running nude on the field during the halftime show at the annual CU-CSU game. He was charged with resisting arrest and trespassing. Two years ago, he faced indecent-exposure charges for streaking at a Boulder High-Fairview game.