Joseph King and Isaac Slade, two members of the Denver megaband The Fray who wrote hit songs such as “How to Save a Life,” are suing their manager, Greg Latterman, over a 2005 copyright contract. The suit, in a Denver U.S. District Court, claims the band “would not have been deprived of valuable assets and income that should rightly be theirs” had Latterman’s company, Gregg Alan Corp., not engaged in “fraud,” reports the BBC.

Latterman’s corporation has reportedly earned at least $700,000 from the publishing deal, in addition to another $2.1 million for representing the band, according to Pollstar, which writes that the suit also claims a breach of fiduciary duty and trust, as well as unjust enrichment. A spokesperson for Latterman calls the band’s allegations “meritless” and says they are based upon a “false and misleading accusation.”

Latterman played a pivotal business role in the band’s ascent to the pinnacle of pop stardom, including worldwide sales in excess of 4 million albums.