CORRECTED: Today’s Colorado Rockies game is in New York. Obama, Biden, and Simpson will be watching the game with military families from Coors Field via the Jumbotron.

This week in Afghanistan, a U.S. Air Force Predator drone—an aircraft flown without a human being on board—mistakenly targeted a U.S. Navy corpsman and a marine staff sergeant, killing them in what is believed to be the first drone-related friendly-fire incident (MSNBC). Such tragic news reports aren’t top-of-mind for many of us back in the States, but Michelle Obama’s freshly launched Joining Forces initiative is intended to heighten public awareness about the daily struggles of American troops by broadening the specialized services offered to military families.

Big businesses like Best Buy and community groups like local chapters of the Parent/Teacher Association have signed on to provide educational support for military schoolchildren, technology for families of deployed soldiers, and various other good deeds (Associated Press). Joining Forces is what brings the First Lady and Jill Biden to Colorado today. On a short tour of four states, the two will make stops at Fountain Fort Carson High in the Springs and at Coors Field to watch the Colorado Rockies game with military families via the Jumbotron ( Jessica Simpson will join them for a special performance during the game.