Secretary of State Hillary Clinton told the Senate Foreign Relations Committee yesterday that al-Qaida has the ability to export terrorism to “Yemen, Somalia, or, indeed, Denver.” She is referring, of course, to former airport-shuttle driver Najibullah Zazi, who has not yet been convicted but whose case traces “back to al-Qaida-originated training camps and [a] training program” in Pakistan (via The Washington Independent). Federal prosecutors will probably file additional charges against Zazi, who was indicted in September on a single count of plotting to explode bombs in the United States. “We’re still evaluating the evidence and the investigation continues, but our expectation at this point is that we will be seeking a superseding indictment,” prosecutor Jeffrey Knox told a judge in New York, where Zazi is being held (via The New York Times). Zazi’s attorney, Michael Dowling, is surprised to hear more charges could be filed, writes Fox 31, adding that he expects to fight to see all the evidence against his client. “I suspect the government will ask that it be declared ex parte, which means that it’s for one side, that I don’t see it,” Dowling says. “I will not get a chance to see that until a judge makes a ruling on whether or not it contains information that I’m entitled to, and he won’t have to even rule on that until the end of March.”