ward_churchill2If former University of Colorado professor Ward Churchill is frustrated that Chief Denver District Court Judge Larry Naves reversed a jury’s verdict that found Churchill wrongly fired, he can take heart that Bethany Newill is on his side.

Newill, one of the jurors in Churchill’s April trial, hammers Naves in an affidavit attached to a legal motion that Churchill filed yesterday asking, once again, for his job back.

“I feel that my time was wasted being a juror, and I feel that the jury’s verdict was disrespected because the judge did not follow what the jury found,” Newill writes (via Boulder’s Camera).

A CU attorney dismissed Newill’s statement as a publicity stunt. The university fired Churchill for academic misconduct, but jurors found that he was fired for his statements in an essay comparing some of the victims of the 9/11 terrorist attacks to Nazi operatives (via The Associated Press).