For two weeks former Avalanche goalie Patrick Roy considered an offer to coach his former team, but has decided against it, telling Avalanche president Pierre Lacroix in a phone call last night that family reasons prevent him from taking the position at this time. That’s according to The Denver Post, which quotes Roy in an interview this morning as saying the job would have been “very demanding on my time.”

Only yesterday, rumors about Roy coming back to Denver to coach the beleaguered team swirled. In fact, the scope of the offer had increased, notes a report yesterday from The Toronto Star. Apparently Roy was offered the coaching job last week, and was also asked to be the team’s general manager.

Roy even reportedly told Lacroix that his assistants would be former Toronto Maple Leafs defenseman Sylvain Lefebvre and Quebec junior league coach Guy Boucher, although current head coach Tony Granato still has two years left on his contract.