Towleroad, a blog that identifies as having “homosexual tendencies,” posted a disturbing photograph of Bryan Carter online yesterday, his face stitched up and scarred, an eye puffed shut. This, the site claims, is how Carter looked after Greeley police Sergeant Kell Hulsey was involved in a confusing brawl that began with alleged homophobic remarks by Hulsey and his son at the Pot Belly Deli Bar and Restaurant in Livermore last year. Towleroad expresses outrage that Hulsey, 52, was allowed to return to duty at the Greeley Police Department this week–a late-night shift–just a month after settling a misdemeanor charge of disorderly conduct for fighting in public. In a plea bargain, charges of assault and harassment were dropped, the Greeley Tribune reports, noting Hulsey was initially suspended and fired for the incident, but was later reinstated. On July 6 of last year, Hulsey and his son were at the bar and allegedly became offended when another man gave them a “gay look.” Carter was injured after a beer mug was slammed into his face. Greeley police chief Jerry Garner says Hulsey has earned his way back onto the force and that “we now consider this a closed matter.” As for Towleroad and its readers, the matter seems anything but. As Westword’s media critic, Michael Roberts, writes, the story is certain to live on in cyberspace, and “as a result, the looks Hulsey gets in the future may well be of contempt.”