Fort Collins was overflowing this weekend with locals and tourists in town for Bohemian Nights at NewWestFest, an end-of-summer party in Old Town that featured dozens of Colorado bands as well as national acts, such as event headliner Earth, Wind, and Fire. It was hardly the backdrop for what news organizations, quoting police, are characterizing as a “riot.” As some festival-goers became aggressive in the early hours of Sunday morning, police fired tear gas (via 9News). Preceding the police response was at least one fight that caused injuries, and two people were thrown through the windows at Santa Fe Craftsman pottery shop. As a crowd of several hundred assembled, some people allegedly threw beer bottles, patio furniture, and other objects at police. There are also reports of damaged cars, items stolen from vendors tents, and trash cans set on fire. The Coloradoan has several videos showing the skirmishes, and the festival closed out on Sunday as scheduled. The last time a riot of this scale took place in Fort Collins was six years ago near the Colorado State University campus, following several out-of-control back-to-school parties, according to 7News. One community liaison writing for the Coloradoan reminds CSU students, who begin classes this week, to be proactive in their partying in order to avoid hefty, $1,000 noise violations from the city. Vanessa Martinez also contributed to this post.