If you’ve ever visited a gentleman’s club, you’ve probably heard that under Colorado law it is illegal for any person to touch, caress, or fondle the breasts, buttocks, or nether-areas of another person in an establishment that sells liquor. It’s also illegal for exotic dancers or any other employee to engage in or simulate sex acts.

That’s why three detectives from the Colorado Springs Police Department’s vice squad had a field day when they visited the cavernous PT’s Showclub this summer and noticed a dancer in a g-string named “Crystal” sitting on the lap of a man in a cordoned-off area called an “Executive Lounge.” One of the detectives, Chris Ganstine, wrote that Crystal poured what appeared to be hot oil down the front of her body as the man fondled her, according to the Colorado Springs Gazette.

“My initial impression was that they were having sex, as you could clearly see Crystal in a rocking motion with her groin on the male.”

When a detective approached Crystal and said, “I haven’t seen a dance like that ever,” Crystal allegedly replied that she could perform something similar for $150, earning the club a citation and, yesterday, a seven-day suspension that could cost tens of thousands of dollars in revenue.

The Cactus Canyon nightclub in Clifton, on the Western Slope, is in similar hot water because of the risque behavior of a troupe of male exotic dancers and a woman who exposed herself, reports the Grand Junction Sentinel.