McInnis, Scott_colorScott McInnis has never been governor of Colorado. Yet, he’s telling prospective voters that Bill Ritter—our current governor—doesn’t have the experience to hold the position.

“There is no on-the-job training when you’re the governor of the state of Colorado,” the former Republican congressman told a gathering this week (via the Fort Morgan Times).

Despite Ritter’s experience winning campaigns for district attorney and governor, McInnis (pictured) claims Ritter, a Democrat seeking re-election in 2010, lacks background in the political arena. Huh?

Meanwhile, as McInnis continues his campaign to unseat Ritter, Ritter’s staff can now rest assured that if they want to accept free meals or tickets at events where they are working, they aren’t violating the spirit of Colorado’s campaign ethics laws.

Staffers can accept what are considered gifts worth more than $50 if their presence is “reasonably necessary” to help the governor, according to the Independent Ethics Commission, in a ruling clarifying the Amendment 41 gift ban passed by voters in 2006 (via The Denver Post).