Roughly 100 sickly husky-malamute-mix dogs were seized by state authorities this week at the Pawsatrak Racing Sled Dog kennel near Hartsel. “We were appalled by the condition of the dogs and want to ensure their care and well-being,” says Colorado State veterinarian Dr. Keith Roehr (via The Denver Post). Eight dogs were found dead, according to Park County Sheriff Fred Wegener, apparently a result of starvation. Felony neglect and cruelty charges are expected to be filed against Sam and Diane Walker, who operate the kennel. Roehr tells 9News he can’t understand why the dogs were so malnourished. “There was dog food, a good amount of dog food on the premise, so [we’re] not exactly sure why that food wasn’t being distributed in a manner that would allow these dogs to maintain their weight,” he says, adding that a neighbor was asked to provide care for the dogs. Officials are attempting to save as many dogs as possible. “Many of these dogs will recover and will be made available for adoption and will have the potential to become quality pets,” Roehr says.