On Monday afternoon, the sound of a gunshot rang out at Aurora Central High School, and a 17-year-old girl hit the ground. Her friends quickly rushed her to a local hospital in an incident that created a lockdown of several Aurora schools yesterday, reports The Aurora Sentinel.

The girl, identified by friends speaking to The Denver Post as Karina Vargas, was hit in the torso and underwent surgery. Her condition this morning is unknown, but details are emerging from the shooting. Aurora Central senior Higinio Leon says Vargas and her friends were talking when a car pulled up and someone fired into the crowd. Vargas is the daughter of a family from Mexico, says Josue Mora, a community college student who claims he has been dating the teen for two months. Counselors are expected to be available at the school today, as Aurora police search for the driver of a black or primer-gray Dodge Neon and a heavyset, balding shooter who may be Latino.