South Park, the Comedy Central series by Colorado’s own Trey Parker and Matt Stone, has no sacred cows. Their cartoon regularly schedules appearances by Jesus and Satan. But when the show decided to lampoon the prophet Mohammad, an Islamic group in New York delivered a threatening message, and Comedy Central resorted to censorship, according to The New York Times. For a complete picture, rewind more than a week ago, to April 14, when the 200th episode of South Park featured nearly all the famous people who have ever been mocked on the show. Aware that Islam forbids the depiction of Mohammad, the holiest figure in the religion, they dressed him in a bear costume. Neither the boys nor Comedy Central reps are talking right now, notes Westword, but yesterday, Parker and Stone appeared mired in a battle with the network, which bleeped out speech about intimidation and fear after a radical Muslim group warned they could be killed for insulting Mohammad, reports The Associated Press.