We built it, and droves of middle-class parents came to the Stapleton neighborhood. Now they want another school. As The Denver Post reports, a “wave” of Stapleton children is heading into kindergarten. Last year, the kindergarten classes in Stapleton’s two schools served 167 students. This year, 264 are expected. At the same time, the neighborhood’s development is slowing, meaning less sales and property tax revenues for schools. “We sort of feel like we are getting to a tipping point when people aren’t moving to Stapleton for the schools, they will be moving away from Stapleton because of the schools,” says Dan Mitzner, the father of two children who attend the Bill Roberts school. Denver Public Schools agrees that the neighborhood needs a third school but doesn’t have the money to build it. Moreover, Stapleton’s tax-increment-financing scheme, which would have funded a school, is failing because of stagnant home sales and commercial growth, writes 9News. Elsewhere, some kids are leaving classrooms and learning online. But a recent report shows that such schools are trailing behind, according to an investigation by KUNC, which adds, however, that regulators are giving the schools a pass.