The Denver Post has dumped “Zippy the Pinhead” and 21 other comic strips, none of which are especially familiar, although such decisions can always prove controversial for a newspaper, notes Westword, which reports that the Post has axed the comics for myriad reasons.

“Certainly, the comics do cost us money,” says managing editor/administration Jeanette Chavez. “But in addition, at a certain point you have to start looking at whether you have the right mix, or too many comics—because certain things can get lost when you have as many as we’ve had. And certain people in our survey actually told us we had too many comics. That’s very unusual.”

The Post’s Comics section was particularly large because it inherited titles in the wake of the closure of the Rocky last year.

And, as always seems to be the case these days, if you really want to read your favorite comic strip and can’t find it in a printed newspaper, you just might find it online. The local news site INDenverTimes, for instance, has a comics page that includes “Agnes,” one of the titles the Post dropped.