As Frontier Airlines emerges from bankruptcy under the leadership of its new owner, Republic Airways Holdings Incorporated, business seems solid. For instance, Frontier just added a nonstop Kansas-City-to-Cancun route, according to the Kansas City Star.

But if it’s up to the Teamsters union, any flights that would whisk mechanics out of Denver and transfer them to Wisconsin as part of corporate reorganization will be grounded.

The union is suing Indianapolis-based Republic, which last year purchased Frontier, alleging the owner is refusing to pay union wages and benefits to Frontier employees who agreed to transfer from Denver to a Midwest Airlines maintenance facility owned by Republic in Milwaukee, reports the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. As many as 40 Frontier mechanics agreed to be transferred but later discovered they would lose union status because Midwest mechanics don’t have a union.

If things don’t work out for the mechanics, and they decide to stay in Colorado to look for new jobs, at least Fort Collins-Loveland area employers are anticipating hiring at a “bullish” pace in the second quarter of 2010, according to a survey cited by the Northern Colorado Business Report.