Here’s another concern for the “brownliner” anglers who fish the less than pristine waters of the South Platte River, as well as those who brave the unpredictable rapids. Bright green water, caused by algae, is flowing through the river, reports 9News, which consulted Denver wastewater worker Al Ortiz, who traced the sludge to a major storm drain from a City Park lake in east Denver.

Witnesses tipped off the television station to the problem near Globeville Landing Park, where green water flowed from a culvert near 38th Street and Arkins Court.

“In probably seven or eight years of riding this path almost daily, I’ve never seen anything like this,” says Denver bicyclist Eric Michieli.

Ortiz had his crew pull dozens of manhole covers along the storm-drain line to determine the source of the green water. He does not know if anyone from Denver Parks and Recreation had informed his office that the lake would be drained of the brightly colored goo.