Tancredo, TomFormer Congressman and presidential candidate Tom Tancredo made waves recently when he announced he “fully” intends to seek the Republican Party nomination for Colorado governor, putting his former congressional colleague Scott McInnis in the position of possibly facing Tancredo in a primary race. Tancredo’s now waffling on that “fully” quote, reconsidering his bid.

Apparently, it’s something he began pondering as he walked through a local mall. He tells Westword, “I know that for everybody who comes up and says, ‘Go, Tom, go!,’ there are probably five people who passed me by saying, ‘Go to hell, Tom Tancredo!'”

Tancredo says he might be convinced to stay out of the race if he can be assured by fellow Republicans, including McInnis, that a truly conservative agenda will be offered in the 2010 race. The Denver Post’s Mike Rosen highlights what that agenda—a platform of sorts—could look like, citing “recent meetings” between McInnis, Tancredo, GOP state Chairman Dick Wadhams, and others.

Among the subjects: a commitment to limit taxes and state spending, rescinding Governor Bill Ritter’s executive order unionizing state employees, appointing conservative judges “to balance the court and reign in judicial activism,” and “responsible development of renewable energy and Colorado’s abundant oil and natural gas resources, as well as nuclear energy.”