If you pay close attention to TV Guide, you might have noticed a rerun of the ABC reality show “Wife Swap” was set to air Thursday on Lifetime. But the show has been yanked in what could be considered yet another setback for the fame-seeking family disgraced in the wake of the balloon boy “publicity stunt,” according to CNN.

Now, Cheri Foster and her grown daughter, Tamara Failla, have stepped into the harsh media spotlight, showing their sympathy for the Heene family.

On Sunday, the two hung fliers for the “first ever Fort Collins Care Movement,” urging locals to drop off a note of support at the home of Richard and Mayumi Heene, reports 9News: “They might have made a mistake, as we all have done and will continue to do. So rather than condemn, let’s come together and raise this family up, with our support. Let’s remind them that they are not alone.”

The Heenes face possible felony charges, after Larimer County Sheriff Jim Alderden identified the October 15 incident as a hoax.

In a new court document, Mayumi confesses the incident was staged, telling investigators that she and her husband Richard “knew all along that (their six-year-old son) Falcon was hiding in the residence” as rescuers chased after the balloon (via The Huffington Post). Mayumi also admits her husband plotted the stunt about two weeks before it occurred and had instructed her and the three children to lie to authorities and the media.