Vance Fulkerson—the performing arts professor at the University of Northern Colorado who now faces six felony counts of sexual exploitation and nine misdemeanor, “peeping Tom” charges after students found a video camera in his bathroom—has resigned. Fulkerson had been on paid leave from the college pending the outcome of an internal investigation, but an agreement with UNC President Kay Norton has set the stage for Fulkerson’s retirement, according to The Greeley Tribune. In the agreement, the university stipulates that Fulkerson will receive his pay through today and health insurance through October 31, as well as his retirement benefits as his plan provides. Police say Fulkerson, who faces up to 12 years behind bars on each felony charge alone, filmed male students, some living with him as renters, as they showered or used the toilet. He is due in court on November 2, reports 9News.