Lines have been long for travelers this Thanksgiving week at Denver International Airport, but no major delays have been reported as more than 960,000 people pass through, notes The Associated Press. The airport wasn’t nearly as busy on October 26, when Yefrosini Kramarenko, a 76-year-old grandmother who had flown from Kiev, Ukraine, landed in Denver. Under any circumstances, it’s difficult to understand why her family discovered her abandoned, in a wheelchair, next to a baggage carousel at the airport after she suffered a stroke. Now, Delta Airlines is struggling to explain the treatment of Kramarenko, who died three weeks after her plane landed in Denver, according to 7News. “She was asking why? ‘Why I’m suffering? Why I am in this condition? Why nobody helped me?'” says her daughter, Alona Fitzgerald, who has sent e-mails and letters and called Delta Airlines asking why her mother had been abandoned at the baggage claim. Travel receipts show Fitzgerald was listed as an emergency contact on her mother’s airline reservation. Fitzgerald requested the wheelchair to help her mother, who battled arthritis and did not speak or read English, but carried a copy of the New Testament containing several cards with her daughter’s name and phone number inside. Delta Airlines has issued a one-line statement: “We are investigating this incident to ensure the type of service offered meets the level of customer service Delta strives to provide.”