Attorneys for the man who allegedly shot Denver Broncos cornerback Darrent Williams on New Year’s Day in 2007 are pushing to have the case against their client, Willie Clark, dismissed. The lawyers claim prosecutors waited too long to hand over video footage of the nightclub where both Williams and Clark attended a party prior to the shooting (via 7News). Prosecutors provided the video on February 4, just 15 days before jury selection was slated to begin, but say it has little relevance other than to show what brand of clothing Clark was wearing before he left and allegedly pulled up in a car next to the limousine Williams was in, spraying it with bullets, killing Williams and wounding two others. Defense lawyers claim Detective Michael Martinez denied a hard drive containing the video existed during a questioning session and say Martinez was not truthful about his quest to find more footage (via The Denver Post). The defense also claims Martinez for months withheld his personal working file, which contained information about several new witnesses in the case who could testify against Clark.