El Paso County District Judge G. David Miller has tossed out a lawsuit by a University of Colorado student group that claims the three-campus system has no right to prevent people on campus from carrying concealed weapons. Noting horrific shooting sprees that have gripped some schools in recent years, Miller ruled that the school can set its own policy regarding concealed weapons (via The Associated Press). An attorney for the students says Students for Concealed Carry on Campus plans to appeal the ruling, stating that it “ignored Colorado Supreme Court precedents” and that “the right to self-defense exists on campus” (via the Colorado Springs Gazette). The lawsuit argued that the Colorado Concealed Carry Act applied to campuses and that people have a constitutional right to have arms on campus. Meanwhile, Johanna Justin-Jinich, 22, a junior from Fort Collins attending Wesleyan University in Middletown, Connecticut, was shot and killed at a bookstore near the campus yesterday, writes the Coloradoan, causing the university to cancel all campus events and to urge teachers and students to stay inside.