Consumers just can’t get a break as the recession tugs and nips away at their wallets. Gas prices, for instance, are slowly and steadily rising again. The average price of regular unleaded gas was $2.39 over the weekend–up 38 cents a gallon from a month ago, reports the Denver Business Journal, noting that if the current pace of increase continues, Denver could soon see the return of last year’s horrendous gas prices, which hovered around $4 per gallon. And there’s no respite from the recession at Denver International Airport, where economy and shuttle parking lots will increase their rates by $1 per day, according to The Denver Post. The cost of parking in east and west parking lots will increase to $10 a day, while shuttle lots will be $6. Even backyard barbecuers are getting seared, receiving less propane for their money compared to a year ago (via The Associated Press). One area of relief: Certain chain restaurants, such as Denver-based Quiznos subs, has responded to consumers’ wallet tightening by introducing a new Torpedo sandwich that costs $4–the result of focus groups on spending, according to the AP.