Like the Avs, the Nuggets are working on their own six-game winning streak, after outlasting the New Orleans Hornets in overtime Saturday night. Carmelo Anthony scored 30 points, and reserve Arron Afflalo put in a season-high 19 points, including two three-pointers in OT to give the Nuggets the win (via the Associated Press).

Anthony, who will be a starter for the Western Conference in the upcoming National Basketball Association All-Star Game, could be joined in that game by teammate Chauncey Billups, if he is voted on by league coaches as a reserve player (via The Denver Post).

Despite the accolades, Anthony managed to roll his ankle against the Hornets and is expected to miss the Nuggets’ game tonight against Charlotte. Denver could also be without guard J.R. Smith, reports The Denver Post, who is facing a team suspension for what coach George Karl calls his “eclectic” behavior and performance on the court.