A pair of ganjapreneurs from Ohio have a plan to spice up snack time for medical marijuana patients in Colorado. The owner of Cleveland’s Hot Sauce Williams barbecue chain and Denver’s OrganaLabs are collaborating on Pot Sauce Williams, a hot sauce infused with cannabis, reports Westword. It’s not hard to imagine the yet-to-be-released topping becoming a must-have for licensed users across the state, but they may not be able to find any in Longmont.

The city council there has voted 6-1 in favor of instructing the city to write an ordinance that would ban medical-marijuana-related businesses, including existing ones, according to the Daily Times-Call. To make it effective, the council would then have to vote twice on the ordinance, which would apply to dispensaries as well as growing and food-oriented operations. “It’s unethical for the city to take tax money for something that is an illegal substance,” says Councilwoman Katie Witt. Still, in this economic climate, it’s hard to imagine how the city will replace the tens of thousands of dollars in sales tax revenues its collecting from such businesses.