When the University of Colorado made the decision to bounce from the Big 12 Conference for the sunnier (and more lucrative) confines of the Pac-10, it was assumed that the Texas schools and the Oklahoma schools would follow, creating a Pac-16 super-conference.

But when the University of Texas demanded more money than the other schools, the deal imploded, and CU now stands as one of just two schools that left the Big 12 (Nebraska went with the Big Ten). Now, the Pac-10 has settled on inviting Utah to join the conference, creating a natural travel partner and hopeful rival for CU.

The Denver Post reports that Utah will now be a part of the Pac-10’s southern division with Colorado, as well as Arizona, Arizona State, USC, and UCLA. CU has played Utah more than any other non-conference partner, besides Colorado State University, with CU leading the head-to-head matchups 30-24-3.

It’s hoped that future match-ups between CU and Utah will create some sort of border war (similar to the rivalry between CSU and Wyoming in the Mountain West Conference).

As CU football looks toward its future, the program is also in the headlines for a controversial event from its past. Many CU fans remember 1990’s so-called “fifth down” game against the Missouri Tigers, in which an officiating error gave CU five opportunities to win the game instead of four.

9News has tracked down J.C. Louderback, currently living in Kansas, to ask him if he relates to Jim Joyce, the baseball umpire whose blown called spoiled a recent perfect game in Detroit. Louderback is nearly moved to tears when discussing how he continues to feel (terrible) about the call.