Denver Broncos wide receiver Brandon Marshall had made no secret that he wants to ply his craft in another city this fall, and the Broncos didn’t do much to prevent it. As a restricted free agent, the Broncos only asked other teams that wanted to sign Marshall for a first-round draft pick, a reasonable request considering Marshall’s three years of being one of the best wide receivers in the NFL.

Still, nobody was biting at that price, so yesterday, Marshall signed the Broncos’ one-year offer of roughly $2.5 million, a move The Denver Post called a formality along the path of an eventual trade. And sure enough, not long after, Marshall was traded to the Miami Dolphins.

ESPN reports that Marshall will head to Miami later today to take a physical, and the deal should be finalized by the end of the day. Marshall will apparently sign one of the most lucrative deals in NFL history, which would put him somewhere in the $10 million per year range.

Seattle Seahawks coach Pete Carroll, who recently expressed some interest in Marshall, tells The Seattle Times he was watching the situation but wasn’t going to make any more moves right now.

Florida’s Sun Sentinel points out the Broncos end up with a second-round pick in the next two drafts in exchange for Marshall’s rather significant talent.

ESPN notes that since coach Josh McDaniels’ arrival, the Broncos have given up star quarterback Jay Cutler and star wide receiver Brandon Marshall, and they received two first-round draft picks, two second-round picks, a third-round pick, and quarterback Kyle Orton. It seems like a lot in return—and it is—but some fans are nevertheless going to be upset.

Marshall has caught more than 100 passes in three straight seasons and is among the most dominant receivers in the game. Now the Broncos will have to replace him, and the most likely candidate is Oklahoma State star receiver Dez Bryant, writes Fox 31, which reports that Bryant will visit Denver today.