Marijuana will likely be the issue that makes the biggest difference in upcoming elections, writes The New York Times, in an article probing the sentiments of liberals, police officers, and even a former lawyer for the Reagan administration. One driving factor is a campaign called “Just Say Now,” led by the liberal blog Firedoglake, Students for Sensible Drug Policy, and Law Enforcement Against Prohibition. The groups will spend roughly $500,000 to bring young voters to the polls in several states that will consider legalizing marijuana, including Colorado. They say more young voters will come to the polls if marijuana is on the ballot. Brian Vicente of Sensible Colorado notes efforts to legalize adult recreational use of marijuana in the state were initially planned for this year but have been pushed back to 2012. “We didn’t want to rush it,” he tells The Colorado Independent. “We wanted time to shore up resources, activate our 1,000-plus volunteers, set up community captains to lead the effort locally.” Back in 2006, Amendment 44, which would have legalized weed in Colorado, failed 61 percent to 39 percent, but a poll indicates more people favor legalization these days.