There’s been plenty of talk about whether Carmelo Anthony will sign the three-year, $65 million contract extension the Denver Nuggets have offered him.

Count Nuggets point guard and Denver native Chauncey Billups as one who thinks Melo will stick with Denver.

“I’m hoping he does,” Billups (pictured left) tells The Denver Post. “I know Melo loves Denver; it’s pretty much home, and I think that he will [sign the extension]. But I’ve seen stranger things.”

Westword points out that Melo’s projected jump to the New York Knicks next season isn’t the most popular superstar combination among all the wild scenarios.

Melo’s position all along has been that money comes second to the Nuggets making moves to put the team in real contention for a championship.

The team’s most significant action so far this off-season has been the acquisition of Al Harrington, a free agent formerly of the Knicks.

Harrington, who met with Nuggets coach George Karl yesterday, says Karl’s sometimes-brutal honesty is a good thing and that he’ll do all he can to help the team win (via The Associated Press).