It’s no wonder Tom Tancredo is sometimes referred to as “The Tank.”

After failing in his offer to drop his candidacy for governor with the American Constitution Party if the Republican he deems unprepared for the task, Dan Maes, would do the same, Tancredo is blazing forward with his campaign.

Among his first tasks: Dump his lieutenant governor, Doug “Dayhorse” Campbell, a onetime running mate to former ACP candidate for governor Benjamin Goss. The Associated Press reports that Tancredo is expected to name his pick for lieutenant governor in the coming days.

One of the names circulating for the job is conservative columnist Michelle Malkin, a Colorado resident. The pair, writes Westword, would be a veritable “right-wing dream team.”

“I’m flattered,” Malkin told Peter Boyles on Thursday.

But, Westword adds, “Don’t look for her to give up her day job.”

Photo: URF of Illinois (via